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Back to our Roots

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We started as an Ontario based communications, marketing and branding shop in the 70s. We also began investing in our own businesses and brands. In the 90s, we were in The Economist and found ourselves busy with global opportunities. This June, we sold our last business and now we’re totally focused on your communications, marketing and branding needs.

Cards on the table

We want your business.
All of it or to supplement your in-house staff.

  • Public Sector
  • Companies – large & small
  • Startups
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  • Finance

Government services are designed for government staff. They weren’t designed for the people who use, pay & need them. It’s time to change.
Deb Matthews
Minister Digital Government

What’s in it for YOU?

Plain Language builds trust and confidence.

  • It’s concise and visually pleasing.
  • It helps you acquire and retain clients.
  • It’s cost effective and delivers greater value.

Clear, Informative, Compelling
Lengthy, Complex, Confusing

Business is War!

Just a more civilized version.

  • The fight for clients and market share is intense.
  • Success relies on Leadership, Perseverance, Plan and Execution.

Don’t confuse your client. Clarity is vital.
We’ll provide a clear compelling message so they know “What’s in it for them.”

Everything's going to be OK

You have challenges, all businesses do. We're here to help you get through them. We've worked with Global Brands, governments and government agencies.

We've seen it all. Think of us as your 911.



We developed and designed more than 30 brands that were sold in thousands of locations including Walmart, Loblaws, Shoppers & Rexall. When bottled water was an emerging trend in the 90s, we jumped in early. Branding works best with a short easy name. We branded our waters élan and distributed it across the USA through the Coors and Pepsi network. People enjoyed the product more than 50 million times. Then an offer for the trademark arrived from what is now elan pharmaceuticals, the inventor of medications delivered by The Patch.

Best Doctors


Here’s how the PUSH and PULL works. Best Doctors® contacted us seeking branding, launch and financing assistance. We owned several financial services companies, so we provided all three. We designed a GREAT launch plan and message for Best Doctors® that directly reached millions of people. Two million élan bottles carried the word through the U.S.

The Short Version of a LONG Story

Within months of starting our communications, marketing and branding shop, we bought 20 student housing units in Waterloo from our first client. Soon, we owned a new car dealership in Cambridge and added several more. We turned into serial entrepreneurs starting 19 businesses and developed our own brands. They sold in thousands of locations from Los Angels to Halifax, Vancouver to Miami and we served businesses and governments across the globe. Networking and clear communication made us successful.

Awards; who doesn’t love them

We won’t get carried away. Our Renaissance water won the Global Packaging Design Award. It’s a slender glass bottle only 11 ounces (325ml) but over a foot tall (33cm). It was sold only in very high end restaurants and we produced custom versions for celebrities.

Client Privacy

We’ve worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies.
Privacy is important. As a company, we don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Blog because too much confidential information finds its way onto social media. Our Promise: We won’t talk about you or your business.

Even More Reasons

For four decades, we learned through experience. We’re the only communications, marketing and branding shop that started multiple businesses and brands.

Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with people who have taken risks and grasped opportunities? We know communications, marketing and branding and we also know production and logistics.

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The lost art in a content-saturated world®

  • Communication, marketing & branding that lack clarity are confusing.
  • Clarity is powerful, influences decisions and encourages action.
  • Since 1974 we’ve crafted clear, informative, compelling messages.

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